Dress Code

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Dress Code

(effective September 2018)

Professional Education — Professional Dress

It is our desire at Lighthouse Academy to provide excellent educational courses in a setting that supports and nurtures godly, wholesome character. Part of our effort to support a different kind of character quality will be to ask our students to adhere to a professional dress and grooming code. Please pray for the wholesomeness and godliness of our school, and have your student observe the following dress and grooming code.

School Days

Dress up! Be professional! Be the best you can be!


  • Dress modestly, like a young woman of grace and faith.
  • Please wear a skirt or dress below the knee. Be sure any slits in your skirt or dress end below the knee.
  • Denim skirts or dresses are fine if they look dressy.
  • Makeup and jewelry may be worn conservatively and in good taste. Only one small earring per ear.
  • Wear dress shoes with your dress, not tennis shoes or flip-flops.
  • Hair should be conservatively done in its natural color, not dyed, streaked or bleached.
  • Please avoid the following:
    • Tight tops
    • Low necklines
    • Hoodies and sweatshirts (except for P.E.)
    • Toe rings
    • Jean jackets
    • Leggings


  • Slacks/dress pants. No cargo pants, please.
  • A dress shirt or polo shirt with a full dress collar.
  • Dress shoes only. No tennis shoes or flip flops. Be professional.
  • All boys must be clean-shaven.
  • Please avoid the following:
    • Briefs showing
    • Hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts
    • Earrings, body piercings
    • Dyed or bleached hair

Please save hats for parties and April Spirit Month

Bondage accessories, such as spiked dog collars, chains, etc. are not permitted,
as we are called to freedom in Christ, not bondage (2 Corinthians 3:17, Romans 6:17).

P.E. Uniform:
P.E. students have a specific uniform — matching, labeled blue shirt and shorts. These can be purchased in the school office. LIGHT GRAY SWEATS and a hooded sweatshirt (purchased at the store of your choice) may be worn over the uniform on cold days. It is VERY IMPORTANT that students wear LIGHT GRAY sweats over the uniform, because our P.E. staff needs to be able to identify our students from a distance. Students out of uniform will not be allowed to participate in class that day.

Party Dress Code


  • At-the-waist jeans.
  • Modest, at-the-waist shorts or capris are fine during the warm season (May-Sept).
  • Modest top.
  • If swimming, wear a modest, one-piece suit.
  • Please avoid the following:
    • Mid-rise, low-rise, faded, vintage, worn or skinny jeans
    • Tight tops
    • Low necklines
    • Short tops


  • At-the-waist jeans, please.
  • Modest, at-the-waist shorts are fine during the warm season (May-Sept).
  • Nice-looking shirt, T-shirts are fine.
  • Please avoid the following:
    • Low-cut, vintage or worn, baggy or skinny jeans
    • Baggy or basketball shorts

(effective: September 2018)