Norm Fox

Norm FoxNorman Fox oversees our English Department. He has been part of the Lighthouse Academy support team since its very beginning in 1987 and has been teaching here since 2005. Mr. Fox earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and did graduate work at the U of O School of Educational Policy and Management.

Norm has taught public school, Christian school, and home school students for 42 years, specializing in English, journalism, and drama. He has also taught other subjects including social studies, science, music, and math. Mr. Fox was principal of Garden Way Christian Academy for 17 years. He has served as adjunct faculty at Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College) in writing and creation science. Norm was administrator of the House Education Committee in the Oregon Legislature, where he was instrumental in facilitating Oregon’s charter school law. He is author/publisher of curriculum products used in home schooling and Christian schools including “The Times and the Scriptures” for teaching America’s Christian history, government, and current events.

Norm and his wife Sheryl have four children, all Christian school educated, and 14 grandchildren, most of them being home schooled. Norm is an elder at Garden Way Church in Eugene.