High School Academics

Student Working on a ProjectAt Lighthouse Christian Academy our highly qualified professional teachers challenge students to strive for their individual best academically, musically, and physically. To accomplish this we offer three high school programs:

Standard Program fulfills the number of credits as well as the specific courses required by the state of Oregon for graduation.

Honors Program requires additional credits and includes advanced courses with possible college credit. It also requires an overall grade point average of 3.5.

Basic Program can be tailored for students who cannot realistically be expected to fulfill the standard program requirements, but need to be challenged to achieve their personal best.

Art Class

Home School Academics

Home school students grades 5-12 are welcome to take any number of the classes we offer. Logos functioned as a home school center for our first 25 years. We continue to offer this service to home school families and recognize them as an important part of the Christian school community.


Lighthouse Christian Academy is beginning the process of attaining accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International. Throughout our 25+ years of operation, our students’ transcripts and diplomas have been honored by community colleges, in- and out-of-state universities, and nearly every branch of the military. Accreditation will affirm the quality of education that students have always received at Lighthouse Christian Academy.




Introduction to Writing (grades 8+)
College Prep English I-IV (gr. 9-12)
Advanced Placement English (gr. 11-12)


Saxon 54 (gr. 5)
Saxon 65 (gr. 5-6)
Saxon 76 (gr. 6-7)
Saxon Algebra 1/2 (gr. 7+)
Saxon Algebra I (gr. 8+)
Saxon Algebra II (gr. 9+)
Saxon Advanced Math (gr. 10+)
Calculus I (gr. 11+)
Calculus II (gr. 12)


Biology with lab (gr. 9+)
Chemistry with lab (gr. 10+)

History & Social Studies

Current Events from a Biblical Perspective (gr. 9+)
Government & Economics (gr. 9+)
United States History (gr. 9+)
World History (gr. 9+)

Foreign Language

Spanish I (gr. 8+)
Spanish II (gr. 9+)


Introduction to Computers (gr. 8+)
Media Communications (gr. 10+)


Beginning Band (gr. 5+)
Intermediate Band (gr. 6+)
Advanced Intermediate Band (gr. 8+)
Advanced Band (audition required; gr. 10+)
Gospel Choir (audition required; gr. 9+)

Physical Education (gr. 5+)

Students train towards goals including self-discipline, lifetime habits, basic skills in soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and softball. As students develop, their goals include:
1 – 2 mile swim
8 – 15 mile run
Iron man/maiden biathlon (2 mile swim with 4 mile run)


Introduction to Art (gr. 6+)
Intermediate Art (gr. 9+)