About Us

LetteMr. Danial Norland, Principalr from the Principal

Lighthouse Christian Academy was opened in 1987 when my wife began offering band classes for home school students in the area. I later joined her, teaching classes in my areas of certification. For years we taught together and slowly expanded the academy, while raising and home schooling our own five children. After twenty-five years of careful, debt-free growth, we have become a full-time Christian high school, while still offering classes to the homeschool community.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a small school in Springfield, OR, with a family atmosphere. Our average enrollment has been 90 students in grades 5-12. We cherish maintaining an environment where each student is taken into our hearts.

If you are interested in knowing more about our school, please feel free to call the Lighthouse office. We have appointment times available for interviews or visitation days. We would be pleased to hear from you or meet with you.